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2013-09-17 10:33:06 by destructopoon

i been gone for a while the new page didnt work at all BUT thats fine because i got my email acc back XD
NOWits time to release some of the wonderful stuff i made or some of the not so wonderful.\

more pic for yew!


my new account

2013-02-09 17:54:11 by destructopoon

after backing up all my projects and files i got my account made destroDMG is my new NG account ill have my stuff up as soon as i clear up my files.

i cant access the email i have for this account anymore ill be taking my art and music to a new profile this time ill have my email info. ill throw up the new acount name when its up, c u then.

POKEmmo mahgawdsuhfunn

2013-02-08 07:26:38 by destructopoon

currently addicted to a beta game of pokemon massiveely mutiplayer online. its the tits and if any1 has pocket monsters they wish to trade CAHMent cuz i have a few rare ones.

find a name for this


2013-01-01 19:10:23 by destructopoon

so i made an [incase the world ends] song and i think its the tits. check it out, as well as my art id love to be scouted eventually, in the meantime here you go a fav quote from famous NG member oney, check his stuff out i think its epic.


super leet WoW shit yo check theses tits out!

if that doesnt erect ur penis i realy dont know what will...

ill link it soon

Music to anyones ears...

2012-10-11 00:24:42 by destructopoon

check out my songs i got a bunch-o-songz available for download and more coming soon!
and i have more disgusting images for your brain to etch in its lobes

<3 bwie bwie :3

Music to anyones ears...


2012-07-11 04:51:58 by destructopoon

i moved literaly right next to the great alaskan pipeline srsly lik 300ft away i can see it from mah haous id have pics but its dark out so instead


my songs got downloads!!!

2012-06-22 07:42:37 by destructopoon

omg super awesome srry they are a lil short im workin on a nice long track with maybe a little vocal and instrumentals who knows ty for plays and DLs

alas more brain pain

my songs got downloads!!!