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so i figured i would take a break from drawing and make some eargasm shit
was thinking of old sci fi movie fight scenes the whole time i made it then it droped off here.
ALAS more to come soon i have some more tracks close to being done.
u can find the song on my page under my music tabs enjoy. :B

oh and another lovely image for ur brainz.


to any1 out der

2012-05-27 21:24:45 by destructopoon

made some new art uploaded 1 already i wanna ask u to at least review it i wanna try and get out there be honest i know its pencil and paper but i like doin it old fasion yo.

and to grab ur attention for this post i gives u dis right hurr

to any1 out der

incoming art

2012-04-23 22:25:33 by destructopoon


YO fuckin hai

2011-12-26 04:14:00 by destructopoon

ive always been a newgrounds fan i just now made a profile and i guess im gunna show u all some shit
i might not be good at animating at first but balls make a hefty coupon fuckin ima blast the paniz thots out ur brain like a.. uh splodermatron